08 February 2011

Egypt, It is Coming

Ya Misr Hani'

"A tyrant only exists in the imagination of his subjects."

An inspiring reminder of the role of poetry in many Arab revolutions. Of a culture whose poetry slam contest reaches the celebrity level of American Idol. And in memory of Mahmoud Darwish, who taught that giving voice to struggle can be as powerful as any weapon.

Someone asked my opinion on recent events, and while I have many things to say (most of which are quite excited about the changes going on), I don't feel this is the appropriate forum. Besides, I have complex Middle East discussions everyday, and this is where I come for a bit of enjoyment, and I hope everyone who reads this blog, no matter what background or persuasion, can find something they enjoy.


Indirect Heat said...

I have nothing but best wishes for the Egyptian people. I hope they get for themselves the government they want and deserve.

Kate said...

My husband and I have been discussing this a lot lately (obviously). I loved Egypt when I was there a couple years ago, and we had planned to go back the two of us (I went with a friend before). Well, that trip will have to wait. But I'm so excited for them and the possibilities!

Oliverde said...

Mahmoud Darwish and food....swoon.
As someone with an Egyptian mother, I feel hopeful, yet tremulous....