31 July 2012

An Average Day at the Market

1. Get home, wash all vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, peaches, and cherries to remove dirt. Let dry thoroughly.

2. Separate lettuce leaves, the outer most of which will be caked in dirt. Tear into bite sized pieces. Working in batches, rinse the lettuce leaves, then place the lettuce leaves in a large bowl of ice water. Let the dirt from the lettuce leaves settle to the bottom of the bowl. Scoop out leaves and repeat to ensure all dirt is removed. Continue with more batches of lettuce leaves. Since it is summer and the water stored on your roof is always warm, you will use up all your ice in this process. Spin lettuce leaves in a salad spinner to dry. Pack lettuce in a tupper ware lined with paper towels to absorb excess water. (On the upside, this methodology means you don't have to use bleach to clean you lettuce - yech - and the lettuce keeps crispy for about 10 days this way.)


3. Trim ribs from swiss chard and cut into bite size pieces. Repeat cleaning procedure used for lettuce leaves, though usually only one cold-water soak is necessary.


4. Peel/shuck cranberry beans. Stew cranberry beans for about an hour, with lots of lemon juice, until tender. Set aside for use later in the week.


5. Scale and gut fish. Be happy that your husband takes on this task. If you aren't using the fish in 24 hours then freeze fish.


6. Cut heads off the shrimp you bought, because you realize that despite your best intentions, you probably won't cook the shrimp until after the heads have gone mushy.

7. Put away the delicious harissa, preserved lemons, and olives you got at the market.


8. After everything is put away and properly stored, be grateful that you hoarded some beer in preparation for Ramadan.


Erin McCoy said...

Hi! Been reading your blog for ages! Congrats on the move & so glad you're back again :) Have you ever made bourekas? Had a cheese boureka years ago at a little Israeli deli & have been trying to find a recipe to try. Beautiful, flaky, buttery, & cheesy all at the same time. YUM!

ginger and scotch said...

Sounds like a busy average day!

I don't know if I could manage #5 but #8 is very important in my husband's eyes.

Thanks for sharing - I love the quality of the light in your photos!