10 May 2013

Paris Recommendations Vol. XII


Paris. It is the city I probably know best of any foreign city, but I will admit I can at times find it exhausting. I'm not sure why exactly, maybe because we were there with a list of errands to complete (yes, when you live in Algiers, sometime you run errands in Paris over the weekend), but on this trip Paris just wore me out. I took only 3 photos, a record low. Don't get me wrong - walking around, eating delicious food, stopping in cafes, shoe shopping, it was a great change of pace. But mentally, I wasn't really in vacation mode. Luckily for you, reader, we discovered a few new places along the way to share here.

Also, I found my street!


Verot Charcuterie
This place immediately caught me eye, with its pickled pigs ears and jellied pigs feet and most beautiful vegetable terrines in the window. It's a tiny place with a take-out section on one side and charcuterie on the other. I brought back an assortment of these tiny bite-sized saucissons that nearly caused a riot in my office. Close to the Luxembourg Gardens and would make a good pre-picnic stop.

E. Dehillerin
A cook in Paris really can't not go to this place. When my mother was a student in France, she bought a whole set of copper pots and pans from here. A couple years ago I had them retinned and they are as good as new, now almost 50 years later. I stopped in for some flexi-pan molds and grapefruit spoons.

Paul ate here in March - small plates with a set menu, light, fresh contemporary cooking, and not expensive. You have to book far ahead and call the day-of to confirm.

Rose Bakery
Good shopping has really extended up into the Northern Marais, we started at this classic Brit-owned place with brunch and some cookies to go.

Also, a Parisian friend asked us for rec's for a Moroccan place in Paris, if anyone know of one please let us know!

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