22 July 2008

Party: Deconstructed

More pictures here.

Sources and Methods:

Figs with honey, sesame, and prosciutto
Composed Cheese Plate
Roast Cherry Tomatoes with Basil Aioli
Chicken Tikka Kebabs
Whole Roast Branzini (roast at 425F for 20 minutes)
Mushrooms with Truffle Oil
Black Rice Pilaf
Carrot Cake
Caramel Cake

chicken, prosciutto, eggs, and fish from Eastern Market
mint, basil, tomatoes from my garden
black rice from Kalustyan's
white truffle oil from Dalloyau (thanks mom!)
grains of paradise from Penzey's
orange flower honey from the Abbaye de Sénanques, Provence (thanks mom!)
figs from my uncle's tree in Texas
cheeses from Eastern Market and Cowgirl Creamery
mushrooms from the Penn Quarter farmer's market
remaining groceries from Yes! organic market and Safeway


suzanneelizabeths.com said...

absolutely simple elegance, it looks like a relaxed setting for a party that will leave your guests admiring your culinary choices, enjoying the food, but again, relaxed enough to enjoy the evening. Great stuff!

Alexander Santillanes said...

Wow, that looks awesome. The only thing missing was an invitation for me. -X

Noor said...

Ya salam this all looks so good, yum. I am glad that I found your blog. I just linked it with mine.

Ivy said...

The cheese with pecans look so great!