02 November 2008


texture study 1
LEFTOVER SUPPER. A bit of cold lamb leftover from Saturday's dinner, a sliver of chicken from Sunday's midday feast, a touch of string bean salad leftover from the beans of noon- of such tasty remains is this supper comprised. Eating it brings the satisfaction of economy. It evidences good household management. As we grow older, I believe, we put more value on life's leftovers- on old clothes that are too good to throw away, on an old love that has settled down from hectic ardor to placid companionship, on old habits that we have inherited from a speedier moving youth. So much of life's worthwhile things are second hand anyway; each morning a second-hand sun rises on a second hand world and lights a second hand people going about their second hand work and play.

~ Richardson Wright, "The Gardener's Bed Book."

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Anonymous said...

I think I ended up here a few years ago on a link from Apartment Therapy: TheKitchn and have been a faithful reader ever since. I've incorporated several of your recipes into my standards, especially the hummus and tubule. Your fabulous Carmel Cake made its debut here on my husband’s 30th birthday and is henceforth, a family tradition. Yum-o!

Finally, thank you especially for your posts today. I love second hand everything, but sometimes it's nice to have that eloquently affirmed.