12 July 2013

Pictures at Premier Mai

Happy Ramadan everyone! Last week I was finally able to do a bit of covert photo snapping with my iPhone at Algiers' large market, Premier Mai. I usually don't want to bring my fancier camera because I would definitely stand out and I didn't want to get charged higher prices!


Clockwise: strawberry guy with the last of the local strawberries and a garlic vendor in the background; peppers, radishes, and herbs (I love how fast these guys move selling their wares); another herb vendor; cherry tomatoes and lettuce.


Right now the fish vendors are piled in a muddy outdoor area but it looks like they are finally installing stalls for them at the front of the market. Clockwise: squid and octopus; langoustines, lobsters, and mollusks; more fish and shrimp. The figs are from Tizi Ouzo and have a local name which I've forgotton.


The meat section of the market. The lamb was clearly very fresh. The photo with the sign advertises turkey merguez and lists its ingredients.


Finally, a couple administrative items. Several people have written to ask what happened to the recipe index, because it seems to have disappeared. Truth be told, I had not updated the index in at least a year (maybe more!), and so it's time for a refresh. I'm also hoping to do a little editing of the blog format, so please excuse our dust as I work on getting those things fixed. 

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