25 November 2013

Thanksgiving Ideas

Bringing Thanksgiving to North Africa, one frozen turkey at a time.

Well, I was going to share a wheat, squash, and apple salad with you today, but let's be real. You're not doing anything except planning for Thanksgiving and nibbling at this or that this week. Plus, I went searching for my own cornbread dressing recipe on this site only to find the little search recipe on the right there is broken! (I cannot figure out how to fix it, but I'll keep flexing my coding skills). So, in lieu of that salad -- you'll get it next week -- let's talk turkey.

I've made Thanksgiving enough times to know that I can kind of wing it. I was in the U.S. last week so I got to bring a whole Thanksgiving meal home in my suitcase (much easier than trying to convince Whole Foods that yes, I really did want them to freeze their fresh turkey). My turkey roasting technique is pretty simple: cover with butter and salt, roast, turning it half-way through, use a digital thermometer, and that's about it. The cranberry sauce I make up every time, and it always ends up tasty. Ditto the gravy. For other dishes I'm making our usual favorites. The menu as I've planned it is:

Appetizers: Latkes with creme fraiche and salmon roe (happy Hannukkah!)

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