06 March 2014

Making Shakshouka

A .gif of us making shakshouka topped with plain yogurt and mint. Enjoy!

Find a recipe for shakshouka here. Shakshouka is pronounced with the kh sound and not the hard K sound -- sha-khh-shuuu-ka.


Sharon1965 said...

Mercedes, I just stumbled across your post on the making of Hummus: thannks for making it so clear as to how to make it so delicious! Over the years I've grown wary of this dish due to the variety of quality.
I went into your recipe blog but none of the tabs are populated...maybe there is a glitch? I'm dying to get more of your lovely ideas so that my husband can cook them

Mercedes said...

Hi Sharon! Unfortunately, I'm in the process of rebuilding the recipe archives myself. Apologies, I haven't gotten them all sorted out yet. So, no, it's not a glitch. Please stay tuned for updates and in the meantime use the search function on the right!