18 June 2014

Barley Fields and Bubble Wrap

It's here!! Our moving day that is! I can't believe our time in Algiers has already some to an end, and I am both sad, nostalgic, relieved, overwhelmed, and excited for the future. But at the moment, I'm just surrounded by boxes. 2014: Year of the Nomad!

I have more to say about our time in Algiers, but until I can sort through all this bubble wrap, I'll leave you with some photos from our recent trip to Morocco.


Pictures: Pastry shop in Marrakech, Dar Seffarine Fez, bread in Fez, worker in barley fields, fruits of a cooking class in Fez, sheep along a mountain pass, tagines ready for the kiln, view of mountains from the Ourika Valley, madersa in Fez, Jmaa al Fna Marrakech, Dar Seffarine Fez.


Merrypetal said...

Beautiful photos to conclude your adventures in Algiers. Thank you for many wonderful posts, recipes and interesting anecdotes. Long time quiet recipient of the awesomeness you shared. Safe travels and happy landings!

Noor said...

Hi, this is Noor from Ya Salam Cooking. I wanted to personally invite you to a new cooking club we have started.


Thanks, Noor

Mercedes said...

Thanks Merrypetal and Noor!

Ena said...

I always LOVE your photos from Africa, stunning! And I plan to try that scrumptious-looking chickpea sandwich soon.

Mercedes said...

Thanks Ena!

Sandra Cormier said...

I know I'm late to this, but if you're still blogging, maybe you can enlighten me about a large tooled brass table that looks like a plate, that my father brought home from Algeria in the Seventies. He called it a meshwi dish, and claimed the food was placed directly on it. Is this true? It's about three feet wide, with a wrought iron folding stand.

I love the images of Algeria. I visited when my dad was there, but didn't have the luxury of a proper camera. I only have a few blurry Instamatic photos. I could kick myself!