02 September 2007

Twenty Days of Ice Cream: The Roundup

malted milk chocolate gelatoolive oil ice creamcoconut sorbet, coffee-dates
beet ice creamblueberry-white chocolate tartufoavocado ice cream

Twenty days of ice cream. Somewhere in mid July, I thought wouldn't it be fun to make a bunch of homemade ice creams and post them on the blog. I had no idea it would grow into a challenge consisting of twenty consecutive days of ice cream posts a lot of churning, a few meltdowns, and some truly delicious ice cream flavors. Though I may have cursed myself several times during the process (ok, almost every day) I've really enjoyed being able to explore one genre in depth. I've learned that homemade ice cream making is really quite easy and very fun. Once you've got the basics down (making a custard, and being sure to chill it thoroughly), you can let your imagination run wild. Here are some ideas for people wanting to experiment with creating their own ice cream flavors:

1. Infusions- Start with your favorite basic ice cream recipe (I recommend this one). Now think about what you can infuse the milk/cream with. Spices, like cinnamon, anise, curry, Chinese five spice? Herbs- fresh mint, lemon verbena, basil? Or what about teas- jasmine tea, earl grey, or chai. Also, nuts can be roughly ground, used to infuse the custard and then strained out- hazelnuts, almonds, pinenuts, even sesame seeds.

2. Think beyond the usual dairy- mascarpone, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, even cheeses like goat cheese or pecorino can be good in ice cream.

3. Alcohol and liquers- because alcohol reduces the freezing point, it does double duty to keep homemade ice cream soft in the freezer. Bailey's, Kahlua, Riesling, Margarita, or Vin Santo are some good ideas.

peanut ice cream with pretzelsquince ice creamgrapefruit-poppy seed ice cream
brown-sugar-sour-cream ice creamkulfi popsindian pdg ice cream
Someone recently asked what my favorite flavor was from this recent project, and I started out saying beet (yes, really), and then of course the olive oil, and there is that grapefruit, and before I knew it, I'd practically listed them all. So choose for yourself, I present to you the ice creams, in alphabetical order:

Avocado Ice Cream
Baklava Ice Cream
Blueberry-White Chocolate Tartufi
Chocolate Covered Fleur du Sel (for topping your ice cream)
Chocolate Sorbet
Coconut Sorbet with Coffee-Simmered Dates
Fig Ice Cream
Grapefruit Ice Cream with Poppy Seed Swirl
Indian Pudding Ice Cream
Key Lime Pie Ice Cream (lower fat)
Kulfi Pops(Indian-style ice cream)
Malted Milk Chocolate Ice Cream
Olive Oil Ice Cream with Balsamic Chocolate Sauce
Orange Blossom Ice Cream
Peanut Ice Cream
Peach-Buttermilk Milkshakes
Peppermint Ice Cream
Quince Ice Cream with Almond Praline
Sour Cream Brown Sugar Sherbert
Sweet Beet Ice Cream

Believe it or not, I've got ideas for many, many more flavors, and there are lots of good looking recipes floating around that I've got my eye on. I have a feeling ice cream making is going to be a part of my regular repertoire (and if you've got recommendations, please send them this way). But for now, I'll be happy to take a very long rest from churning. Thanks for tuning in.

orange blossom ice creamchocolate covered fleur de sel
key lime pie ice creampeppermint ice cream


Rosemary said...

I have enjoyed watching the many kinds of ice cream you have made.
Did it give me ideas oh yes!
Need to get an ice cream maker first tho LOL.
I think it will be on my Xmas wish list,
thanks it was fun to see what you made!

meanders said...

Congratulations on a truly heroic series! I've been following, drooling and licking my screen daily. Screen-licking is low-calorie, but not quite as flavorful....THANKS for the great posts...

Vanessa said...

A Chai one would be excellent tasting. How would you go about to get the chai flavouring into it?

Hilda said...

Mercedes, I'm so impressed that you managed to post every day for 21 days in a row, I can't get over it. And since I love ice cream with a pure and undying love, I'm keeping a bunch of your recipes on file.
I'm just curious, have you decided not to be a Daring Baker anymore?

tammy said...

Geez, I miss a week and see what happens? This has been a most enjoyable series (I hope it didn't kill you). Thanks for the inspiration.

Krizia said...

Mercedes, you should seriously consider writing a book. Your writing style and the way you incorporate "your story" into the development of your recipe and food adventures is captivating. It is a project I'd be excited to serve as an editor should you ever decide to undertake it :D I'm an editor and network admin. for a cultural magazine at Berkeley (based in Cal, but submissions are open to anyone). When we unveil our theme for our next magazine on 9/20, I'll send you our call for submissions and hopefully you will be interested in submitting :)

Congratulations on 21 VERY dedicated days to the cool, whimsical sweet treat that is ice cream! It's been a (guilty?) pleasure ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the way you presented the round-up--good job!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

This is the coolest (pun not intended) photo collage I've seen on your blog! I'm emailing this to Hubby right now, it's so cool! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Christy said...

Everyday I have tuned in for your new flavor! Congrats on making it through it all. It has been mouth watering, and there are so many that I would love to try myself...especially the olive oil one! I have told my husband that for next summer I NEED an ice cream maker...there better be one under the tree Christmas morning ;)

Sandi said...

Good job. This has been a fun journey.

Anonymous said...

A fellow ice cream lover! Come visit my blog for some other creative frozen creations. I just made a batch of honey yogurt ice cream. Yesterday, I made butterscotch and walnut. I'll have to try one of your recipes.


Brilynn said...

I loved your ice cream challenge! I made the chocolate sorbet and added chili peppers, it's fantastic!

Now I have beets that are ready in my garden so I really want to try the beet ice cream!

T. said...

Your blog is a complete pleasure. Great writing, inspired food.
What could possibly be better?!

Mercedes said...

Rosemary- thanks, I'm glad to have spurred some ideas. I do hope you get that ice cream maker (you can get a good one for not too much), and in the meantime, David Lebovitz's site has good directions for making ice cream without a machine.

Meander- thanks- trust me, the low calories version is much friendlier to the waistline!

Vee- ah, sorry, I've now put a link in the post on how to infuse things. Basically heat the chai (I'd use 1-2 tbl) with the milk until just simmering. Set aside to steep for 10-15 mnutes, then strain out the chai, and use the milk in the recipe as directed.

hilda- thanks, glad to hear someone else loves ice cream as much as I do!

Tammy- ha, I hope things will slow down around here now that the challenge is over!

Krizia- what an amazingly flattering compliment. I love cooking and writing, but I've got a whole other career to worry about, so you can imagine it's a balancing act!

jep, rosehaven- thanks, I liked all the colors in the photos.

christy- i hope you get that ice cream maker, but in the meantime, if you really want to try the olive oil (which I highly recommend), you can try doing it without a machine. Just put the custard in the freezer and beat vigorously (or blend with an immersion blender) every twenty minutes until it reaches the right consistency.

sandi- thanks!

bri- ah, I have beets growing in the garden too! Except, if I don't re-pot them soon they'll be the size of peas. I do hope you try the beet ice cream though, many people are skeptical, but I haven't had a single person try it and not like it!

premium- thanks!

Anonymous said...

what a nice collection!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed every post, truly. But tell me, which flavor was your favorite?

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

It's been a really grand 20 days of ice cream. You are right this was a rare way to learn something very intensely. I'll take peppermint please.

Mercedes said...

Bea- thanks!

Luisa- seriously, it's so hard to choose! I think I'd say beet, because I'd never had it before and I really, really love it. I think olive oil and grapefruit are close runners up. I also have to say the salted butter caramel (david's recipe) is still one of my all-time faves.

Mykitchen- ah peppermint, so good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mercedes. I just found your blog through Jumbo Empenadas. I wish I had found you sooner. Your ice creams and pictures are amazing. I recently made an ice cream using David Lebovitz as a guideline. It's tough enough for me to make one batch of ice cream, I can't imagine doing it for 20 days!

Dori said...

Wow, this is crazy! I am dying to get an ice-cream maker and now I have 20 more reasons to get one! These look amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

what kind of ice cream maker do you use?

Antonio Tahhan said...

i tried an ice cream made of ashta in damascus this winter and it was delicious!! i wonder if it's possible to use goat milk to make ice cream or whether it would require a dairy product with more fat content? the flavor should be interesting though, don't you think?

Atom said...

I've only just stumbled on to this blog, and I love it! This has given me even more ideas for different ice cream flavors to try! I love ice cream and Middle Eastern food, so I've enjoyed your posts. Thank you for posting!

Unknown said...

this is awesome! Do you mind if maybe I link to this in our blog: http://scoopalicious.blogspot.com?

Let me know!


Julie said...

How awesome and inspiring! It makes me want to make even more ice cream. And that's always a good thing. Thanks for sharing your roundup!

Anonymous said...

Key Lime Pie Icecream...mmmm...

Mangia che te fa bene said...

Mercedes, I just got an ice cream maker yesterday and my head is bubbling with ideas...and you give me this gift, 20 flavors!!!!
Oh my!
I will be tasting them...then I will let you know!

Tenina said...

What a fantastic site I have found…LOVE your ice cream posts…even though its winter here, I think I have added a few to my list!

Unknown said...

For me, my mother makes the best ice cream recipes. So yummy!